Preferred Limo Napa Wine Tours
6 Hr.- 4 psg.
Napa Valley
Luxury Sedan
Wine Tour
6 Hr.- 7 psg.
Napa Valley
Wine Tasting
SUV Tour
6 Hr.- 6 psg.
Napa Valley
Wine Tasting
Limousine Tour
6 Hr.- 8 psg.
Napa Valley
Wine Tasting
Limousine Tour
8 Hr.- 7 psg.
Napa Valley
Wine Tasting
SUV Tour
8 Hr.- 4 psg.
Napa Valley
Luxury Sedan
Wine Tour
8 Hr.- 6 psg.
Napa Valley
Wine Country
Limousine Tour

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Preferred Limo - Napa Valley
4225 Solano Ave.
Suite #630
Napa, CA 94558
800-701-4077 Toll Free
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We just wanted you to know that we had a fabulous day when we rented a limousine from Preferred limousine service for wine tour in Napa Valley. Alex was our limousine driver and he was magnificent. We learned all sorts of interesting information, tasted a lot of delicious wine and had a wonderful day. This was one of the best Napa Valley wine tour we have ever been on. Thank you so much, Preferred Limousine!
Edmon J.Louisville, KY

My experience with Preferred Limousine service when we rented a limousine for Napa Valley wine tour was better than I could have ever imagined it. Our driver Jason was sweet, helpful, and understanding. Thank you very much for giving us an amazing time during our Napa Valley wine tour. I can't wait to tell the people in Houston how great it was to be on the other side of the bar, in your Preferred Limousine's hands.
Andrea Z.Houston, TX

I can't say enough great things about this company! This past weekend, a group of us rented Preferred Limousine service to Napa Valley wine tasting. Jason was our driver and made our whole trip memorable. He consistently made sure we were taken care of, even pulling over on the freeway to give us more champagne. (Now that's first class treatment!) He set up all of our accommodations, including the wine tastings and lunch. Jason is well known and respected everywhere he goes in Napa Valley. I believe we got great treatment at the Napa Valley wineries because we were with him. Also, the price Preferred Limousine charges is very reasonable. Company doesn't charge per person like most companies. In fact, Preferred Limousine had one of the cheapest prices I could find and all 7 of us were able to split it. It was great! By the end of the wine tour, all of us were a little tipsy, and one of my friends dropped her lip liner in the limo. Jason was nice enough to bring it back to our hotel and give it to the front desk. He treated us all like VIPs.You can't go wrong with choosing Preferred Limousine for Napa Valley wine tour. This is an excellent and the best limousine service I had ever experienced!
Brian K.Santa Monica, CA
Preferred Limousine provides a great service in Napa Valley for wine tours, especially if it is your first time wine tasting. It was my first wine tasting experience and I was quite pleased. The limousine picked us up in our hotel in Napa and the Limousine driver gave us a great tour on the drive into Napa Valley, complete with history of the area and how wine making got started in Napa Valley. We went to four wineries and were treated to sandwiches for lunch. The wineries we went to were all nice and good for a large group. I thought the Preferred Limousine driver was great and very knowledgable about wine, even offering different varietals we should try. It was great to have the tastings covered and learn about different wines. I probably would never have tasted on a regular basis. And, best of all, you have a driver! Preferred Limousine gave us the best possible service! I would definitely recommend.
Barbara D.Los Angeles, CA

We just got back from our first trip to Napa Valley wine country and had rented Preferred Limousine service for our trip.Alex was our driver for our wine tour and planned a great day for us. We left it in his hands to give us a bit of everything and we loved the variety of wineries he chose - great tour at a big winery, a tasting in the caves, and even a private tasting at a small winery who opened up especially for us. It was a fantastic tour and Alex was a wonderful guide!I would highly recommend Preferred limousine for Napa Valley Wine Tours if you're thinking of going to wine country. We were debating on driving ourselves, but after how many tastings we did, that would have been a horrible idea! Don't drink and drive, use Preferred Limousine Service!
Alen B.Phoenix, AZ
I renten Preferred limousine service and went on the Napa Valley wine tour over the weekend and had an amazing time. Not only was it a great way to learn all about wine, but it was also a great way to see the beautiful landscape of the Napa Valley wine country. Preffered Limousine driver Fred did a really great job of taking us to four very different and diverse wineries and I tried some amazing wines and learned a lot of cool stuff. I can't wait to get back to Napa Valley and go witn Preferred Limousine wonderful service again.
Becky P.Culver City, CA

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